17 Tyler Connolly Vocals/Guitar, Theory of a Deadman


Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot III  Buy

Staind - s/t  Buy

She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas  Buy

Adelitas Way - Home School Valedictorian  Buy

Black Stone Cherry - Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea  Buy

Bruno Mars - The Grenade Sessions  Buy

Mumford & Sons - Deluxe Companion  Buy

The Parlor Mob - Dogs  Buy

Adele - 21

Lady Gaga - Born This Way  Buy

Unfortunately this guy beat out everyone including the English gal with the amazing voice. Even though he apes Madonna in every sense and dresses up like a woman, and in this picture a motorcycle, he manages to acquire the most shock and awe and still sell records, write hit songs and sell out arenas worldwide. Very impressive. He's even kinda hot, wait...what?...It's a chick...Oh....shit...maybe I should have just picked the Foo Fighters like everyone else. and the Grammy goes to...hmm, I wonder.

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  • Anonymous

    You go, girl.

    • Anonymous

      He shouldn’t be allowed to have his penis

      • Anonymous

        I heartily disagree. A hottie like that who likes rock’n’roll but isn’t ashamed to openly like Lady Gaga? I’m glad he’s got one and if he wants another, I’ll gladly give him a bit o’ mine.

        • Anonymous

          It was all just a joke…

          • Anonymous

            Not my part 😉

  • Fenchikziga

    Shit list!!

  • Anonymous

    strange list lol…nice to see The Parlor Mob though. However, joking aside, Lady Gaga really does need to be put down for the sake of humanity…surely???

    • Anonymous

      I’ll tell you… not a fan of dance music generally but honestly, the Lady Gaga album was actually pretty good. I was very surprised that I “got” it.

  • Shannon

    I’m surprised he didn’t choose Theory of A Deadman’s album.

  • Eeeeah man!)

  • Pizzamaedchen

    We think the list is good especially 9,7,6 and 4 but not place 1 😀

  • Adele and Lady Gaga. Wow this is unexpected.

  • Erintiano

    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

  • Baldwin Shirley

    I like some but the rest are not what I would put on this list…

  • Jess-man

    You cant honestly tell me this is Tyler’s list. I get Adele, she has amazing talent, but Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars? Or more specifically, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga before Black Stone Cherry and Staind?? What is this shit?!

  • IzzyNugent

    i dont listen to any of this especially Madonna wanna be and Mumford and Sonss..
    Black Stone Cherry and Adelitas Way are like waaaay suitable for ears

    • Izzy6926

      I forgot one more amazing singer…ADELE<3