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Censura! - The Island

Wolves Like Us - Late Love

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Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder

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Back in 1983, I interviewed Lips from Anvil prior to a show at L’Amour on their “Forged In Fire” tour. We spoke for about an hour and it couldn’t have gone better…until I got home and realized the batteries in my 1st generation Walkman died about 5 minutes into the interview…meaning I had virtually NOTHING to show for the one hour interview we did. Their publicist hooked up a phoner two days later and Lips did the entire interview all over again, and he was just as pumped and happy to talk the second time around. Fast-forward 28 years and Anvil has released one of their best albums to date in “Juggernaut Of Justice.” The band’s prior albums were always good for a couple of songs that amounted to dirty jokes powered through Marshall stacks, and that light-hearted element is missing from “Juggernaut,” but Bob Marlette’s production and the overall intensity of the new tracks make up for that minor complaint. Anvil aren’t out to save the world and if you’re looking for more than simply a headbanging good time, then keep walking, there’s nothing for you to see here. If on the other hand, you can channel your inner Nigel Tufnel, you’ll enjoy lines like Turn It Up’s: “On eleven, we’re all in heaven!”

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