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Boris - Attention Please  Buy

Wormrot - Dirge  Buy

Corrupted - Garten Der Unbewusstheit

capsule - World of Fantasy

Girl in a Coma - Exits & All the Rest

Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich

Defeatist - Tyranny of Decay

2NE1 - 2nd EP Release  Buy

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

JD Allen Trio - Victory!

This jazz album was probably the disc I listened to most this year. Allen's a tenor saxophonist who writes extraordinarily concise compositions - this album has 12 tracks and is only 36 minutes long, but there are tons of melodies that will stick in your head once you hear them, which isn't as common in jazz as you might like to think.

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  • Glad to see 2NE1 in there!

  • choi

    OMG, what a 2NE1 b**ches ..
    I dont know any of the rankings but 2NE1
    and i know any of them could be better than 2NE1
    im not anti of them just know between dancer and real musician