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In Flames - Sounds of a Playground Fading

King Misfit - Under Ancient Ground  Buy

Mastodon - The Hunter  Buy

Within Temptation - The Unforgiving  Buy

Opeth - Heritage  Buy

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot III  Buy

Machine Head - Unto the Locust  Buy

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist  Buy

Ghostfather - Now Boarding  Buy

I am proud to say that this unsigned band was an act that I discovered through SignMeTo over a year ago and was delighted to find out that they had created a full-length that was available for listening at Spotify. And what a brilliant record it is. I played some of the songs 60 or 70 times over, loving the band's interesting take on hard rock, 90s influenced grunge and metal. Even more incredible (well, at least to me) is the fact that this band come from southern France and have virtually no visibility in the USA outside of their SignMeTo profile page. I almost feel like a Pitchfork-reading hipster naming an album and artist of such obscurity as my number 1 full-length for the year!

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  • What? No pirate folk metal? C’mon, Jon.

  • Rei

    Hell yeah Within Temptation!

  • FInally someone mentioned Jane’s Addictions new album!! I’ve been waiting for someone to mention it. I love their new album! I just don’t feel like it is getting the attention it deserves! Thank you for the mention!