37 John Petrucci Guitar, Dream Theater


Steel Panther - Balls Out  Buy

Bon Iver - s/t

Adele - 21

The Aristocrats - s/t  Buy

Young the Giant - s/t  Buy

Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl  Buy

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot III  Buy

Opeth - Heritage  Buy

Trivium - In Waves  Buy

Red - Until We Have Faces  Buy

I just love everything about the Red album. The songwriting, playing and production are all stellar!

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  • Adele??? Wow JP also interested in pop…hehehe

    • Krabby

      Of course he is. A real musician is supposed to be interested in pretty much everything. If he was stuck up only to his band’s style, he would not get great influences to their new material.

  • Thefoos73

    That’s probably why Build Me Up, Break Me Down sounds a lot like Red. I wasn’t expecting that for number 1. Still great band and great album.

    • brian

      I was thinking that too! Glad I’m not the only one.

    • Totally agree.

    • Jejeguitaradd

      “That’s probably why Build Me Up, Break Me Down sounds a lot like Red”.. I was thinking that too! (2)

  • I love Red. I’m still pissed at DT for the Portnoy case, but i do identify myself a lot with them…Not that anyone cares, but…

    • Vik7u

      portnoy abandoned dt, plus mangini plays way better, and doesnt do those lame growl vocals, give it up hes gone and never coming back.

      • Dutchdreamtheaterfan

        I miss portnoy’s vocals a lot, even though petrucci does a hell of a job replacing mike in the vocal section, and I don’t see you attracting full stadiums Vik7u

    • Dustin Boudreau

      Can’t really be pissed at Dream Theater. It wasn’t their decision. If anything, be mad at Portnoy. He is a fantastic drummer, but they found somebody who can fill his place easily.

  • Thank you very, very much! I’ve got a really great addition to my audio collection! I listen A BUNCH of music, so here’s some bands I don’t know! THANX JP! You’re AWESOME! I think who create diverce music must know as many styles as he can & doesn’t matter what it is… )

  • Mat Fossati

    Adele? What the fuck???

    • Man, she is a great singer, and this album’s production is superb! I totally agree with Petrucci on this one!

  • Cherring247

    Love that you included Young the Giant and Bon Iver!

  • comment

    What does s/t mean?

    • Om3om1

      probably ‘self-titled’

    • Majinbuu74


  • Ruskytheaterbear

    JP….Adele?????????? Songs good, singer yuk. There are artists singing Adele songs better than Adele. Check out X-Factor Aus Finals for Andrew Wishart on YouTube, owns Adele.

  • Adele!? jaja xD

  • Osocargm

    Come on Jhon, you know that the chikenfoot is not sogood. The last one was much nbette

  • Stephen

    I’m surprised and elated that John Petrucci’s number 1 album of 2011 is a christian band’s.

    • Majinbuu74

      how so? petrucci himself is christian

  • Steven

    /watch?v=3KdMwt6HFxg Check out this youtube video to see something interesting about Petrucci’s number one pick…

  • Onephotographerdave

    I was surpirsed to see you liked the new Chickenfoot. But then after I saw that I realized that you are a big fan of Satriani. Your list is real strong. Check out the latest from Dweezil Zappa ” Life In The Moment ” at dweezilzappaworld.com ( Fantom Records ).

  • Vomit Bucket band

    If Mr. Petrucci picked em we gotta check them out.

  • Aman

    Surprised that “The Collective” by Scale The Summit is not on this list….

  • Balls_production


  • Robbie Wise

    Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow, and you guys went thru hell but your new album is not too shabby, being that I’m bedridden with a muscle disorder and my sound dock will only play Dream Theater and Kate Bush.

  • Jcdope

    RED such a great album!

  • haha steel panther! that’s awesome

  • Akil616

    Crap list! The other DT boys had better ones!

  • RED FTW!!

  • Right on for mentioning “The Aristocats”! Govan’s guitar playing is jaw-dropping, and the Bass Drum Combo of Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann is just out of this world!

    Joe Bonamassa is also my new hero. A lot of other stuff here I’m not familiar with, might have to check into.

  • Opeth’s Heritage? Did he listen to it? Maybe he’s just assuming it’s good like the previous Opeth albums. Yeah, he must not have listened to it.

  • Dustin Boudreau

    John Petrucci changed my outlook on music and helped my guitar skills increase by many points. Amen for that!

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