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Agalloch - whitedivisiongrey

Could this be considered a cheat since the music on it was recorded in 2004 and 2008? Fuck you! For years I've wanted to grab a portable turntable and run off to the woods to play The White EP on vinyl and this year Agalloch gave me that chance.

Not only is The White EP my favourite Spring album, but The Mantle is my favourite Winter album, so the selections from it found on The Grey EP are definitely welcome. I picked this up at the band's show earlier this year and love everything from the packaging to the music. Good luck getting yourself a copy, though...

Agalloch are simply one of my generation's best metal bands. Any chance to introduce them to new listeners is a chance I will gladly take.

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  • I’ve only listened to the Bad Salad tune.
    and, man, they seem very promising!

  • Frisk10

    Agalloch are the greatest. You cant beat putting one of their vinyls on the record player and just cranking it!