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Opeth - Heritage  Buy

Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials  Buy

August Burns Red - Leveler  Buy

Mastodon - The Hunter  Buy

Il Volo - s/t  Buy

The Decemberists - The King is Dead  Buy

Krallice - Diotima

The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre

Times of Grace - The Hymn of a Broken Man  Buy

Lady Gaga - Born This Way  Buy

No matter what I did or where I was, when I listened to “Born This Way” or “You & I,” it made me smile and made me happy. If I was on a cross-country flight, I listened to this. If I was working on a piece of fiction or driving to Philly, I was listening to this. If I was washing my dog’s face since he’s a bulldog - his name is Higgins Hansen Anselmo-Sciarretto, so he is as metal as I am, despite a non-metal No. 1 album of the year - and his wrinkles require daily care, our ritual is to listen to music while I clean his folds and this was in constant rotation during that activity and beyond. Gaga is an amazing singer and writes beautiful pieces of music. Listen to her Howard Stern performance and you’ll be inclined to agree. She also <3s Iron Maiden!

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